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    I Guarantee, GUARANTEE, You Will Laugh At This Ariana Grande 73 Questions Vogue Parody


    I've posted her impression of Ariana Grande before because it's 1. Hilarious and 2. So accurate that it's almost hard to describe JUST HOW accurate it is. Like it's shocking that this isn't Ariana Grande. THAT SAID, comedian Julia Finkelstein has outdone herself.

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    The iconic Miss Finkelstein is back with another Ariana Grande impression that is somehow, SOMEHOW, better than her earlier ones.

    This time, she parodied Vogue's 73 questions interview and sh*t, I don't say many things are absolutely perfect (beyond Leighton Meester's "Heartstrings" album), but this is perfect.


    From "Ariana's" favorite color... her favorite candy...

    ...and iconic annunciation.

    It's all so...dope.

    Watch the entire "interview" here, plz:

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    One more thing: HOW DID SHE FIT ON THE CHAIR?