40 Young People Around Iowa Share Their American Dream

For the past few days, I’ve been carrying around a sketchbook and markers and asking young people at caucus events in Sioux City, Orange City, Rock Rapids, Mason City, Cedar Falls, Des Moines, and Urbandale, Iowa what their idea of the American dream is. Here’s what they said.

“Freedom, protection, opportunity to improve and excel, responsibility and reward, prosperity, equality and respect”

This woman, if you didn’t know, was in the audience of a Rick Santorum speech. I went up to her and asked her to do my project because I thought she was a Rick Santorum supporter… turns out she wasn’t.

“Freedom, no unnecessary government regulations, less government, not being in debt, becoming a well respected nation”

“Self sufficient, liberties, equal opportunities for all, promising career + chance to succeed, democracy”

“The American dream is the fullest possible opportunity to life, liberty, + the pursuit of happiness”

“The American dream: the value of every life, the precious gift of family, the freedom to worship GOD our sovereign maker, the ability to dream, the ability to make that a reality without the restriction of hierarchy, LIBERTY.”

“Everyone has the opportunity to be successful in what they aspire to do”

“Freedom, space (room), beauty”

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