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    26 Borderline Genius Leftovers Tips

    Never waste food again.

    1. Soggy cold pizza? Put it in a frying pan and it will taste 100x better.

    2. Leftover fries? Turn them into hash browns.

    3. Old mashed potatoes? Spruce them spuds up with cheese and bacon.

    4. Leftover plain white rice? Add an egg to it and you have breakfast.

    5. Stale cold rice? Add a little bit of water.

    6. Leave the movie theater with a bag of popcorn? Turn it into caramel corn.

    7. Leftover popcorn? Put a packet of ramen seasoning on it.

    8. Last night's spaghetti sauce? Mix with mac & cheese and you have an entirely different creation.

    9. Shitty Halloween candy? Combine it with brownies and you'll have something magical.

    10. Feeling healthy? Use both the leftover vegetables and the tray to create and store your meals for the week.

    11. Didn't finish your morning coffee? Pour it into an ice cube tray and pop in your fridge for coffee ice cubes.

    12. Cutting fruit? Use the peel to make flavored water.

    13. Want to keep your cookies soft? Add a piece of bread.

    14. Didn't use all the tomato paste? Freeze it into individual portions.

    15. Cold food? Microwave it with a hole in the middle.

    16. Leftover raw pie crust? Put some cinnamon, sugar, and butter on it and you'll have delicious fresh cinnamon rolls.

    17. Old mac & cheese? Add a little milk and it's brand new.

    18. Didn't eat all the fruit on a fruit tray? Freeze it for smoothies.

    19. Only needed half an avocado? Put some lemon juice on it to save it from turning gross (also don't forget to save the pit).

    20. Have scallion roots? Grow new scallions with your old ones.

    21. You only have a microwave to heat pizza? Then put a small cup of water next to it and it shouldn't be as soggy.

    22. Soggy French fries? Cook 'em up in coconut oil and they're good as new.

    23. Want a twist for breakfast? Use your Chinese takeout leftovers to make an omelet.

    24. Really, use any leftovers to make an omelet or egg creation. Eggs go with anything, like leftover fajita steak.

    25. Didn't eat all your sesame chicken last night? Make a quesadilla.

    26. And lastly, if all else fails, turn anything into a burrito.