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    Updated on Dec 3, 2019. Posted on Nov 27, 2019

    You Were Definitely The "Rich Friend" If You Got Any Of These Toys For Christmas

    If you had a large wooden playhouse, then I don't even want to look at you.

    1. A trampoline:

    Even though I'm pretty sure this would have killed me.

    2. The Britney 4Wheelers:


    These definitely would have killed me.

    3. A zip line:

    Yup, I'd be dead.

    4. A rock tumbler:

    I feel like this is "the one that got away." It wasn't that expensive, but I never got it. Maybe I'll buy it to finally fulfill that childhood desire and end this rock tumbler–less chapter of my life.

    5. A large wooden playhouse:

    Because duh.

    6. A subscription to Nickelodeon magazine:


    "Nickelodeon magazine, please" never worked with my parents.

    7. A large collection of chunky VHS tapes:


    I had one or two of these, but it really was about stacking the whole set.

    8. A mini car:


    I'd rather have a mini car than a real car, TBH.

    9. A robotic animal:

    Twitter: @The90sLife

    I'm convinced this is one of those toys nobody actually owned and we just look at pictures of it in 2019 and say we wanted it.

    10. The original iPod:

    Getty Images

    Pressing the buttons just seemed so satisfying.

    11. An iHome with a remote:

    It just looked so sleek.

    12. A model-train room:

    I have zero interest in actual model trains; I just thought having a room of them would be cool.

    13. A Playmobil house:

    Because this would have been the closest I ever get to owning a mansion.

    14. A Princess Diana Beanie Baby:

    The epitome of wealth.

    15. A pinball machine:

    No quarters. Unlimited pinball.

    16. A car with a TV:

    One of the greatest inventions of all time...until everyone had phones and eliminated the need for these.

    17. A Talkboy:

    I wanted a Talkboy specifically to commit credit card fraud.

    18. A giant teddy bear:

    No real reason why I wanted it; just thought it was cool.

    19. Wooden toys:

    Barneys New York

    They just felt rich.

    20. A flip video camera:

    For about eight months, these were all the rage. Then they became obsolete and everyone totally forgot about them.

    21. A play kitchen:

    I feel weak in the knees looking at the play fridge. It's gorgeous.

    22. A bunch of American Girl dolls:

    Oh, the games I could have played with an American Girl doll army.

    23. A DDR set:

    It was like having the mall inside your house.

    24. An i-Zone camera:

    It was actually hilarious how tiny these pictures were.

    25. A bottle of J.Lo's Glow perfume.


    Honestly, I just wanted the bottle with the little J.Lo necklace.

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