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    You 100% Need These Pictures Of Squirrels Eating Random Things

    I feel a strong connection to Breadstick Squirrel.

    This is not clickbait. No, you are not being fooled. This is what you're getting: Squirrels eating foods they definitely should not be eating.

    1. Pizza:

    2. A Snickers bar:

    Ever seen a squirrel eating a snickers bar? now you have...

    3. A donut:

    Saw a squirrel eating a doughnut on campus today

    4. A Hershey's bar:

    I saw a squirrel eating a Hershey's bar today

    5. Fried chicken:


    6. A big ole' chicken tender:

    if you're having a tough day here's a picture of a squirrel eating a chicken tender

    7. A breadstick:

    Here's a picture of a squirrel eating a breadstick to brighten your rainy day ☀️❤️

    8. A burrito:

    Saw a squirrel eating a burrito today. It's been an odd day.

    9. A single French fry:

    TODAY I SAW A SQUIRREL EATING A FRENCH FRY! Look how adorable he is w his small hands holding the huge fry :')

    10. A red velvet whoppie pie:

    you know you’re in lancaster country when you catch a squirrel eating a red velvet whoppie pie

    11. A whole avocado:

    but deep down arent we all just obese squirrels eating dumpster avocados

    12. A Twizzler:

    Good news, I just saw a squirrel eating a Twizzler on my shed

    13. A taco:

    In case you're having a bad day here's a picture of a squirrel eating a taco

    14. A little bit of spaghetti:

    Only in Cortland would I find a squirrel casually eating spaghetti

    15. A mini pancake:

    It has been a hard week. So here's a #squirrel eating a pancake.

    16. An ice cream cone:

    A squirrel eating an ice cream cone. Happy Monday!

    17. And an entire hamburger:

    Just a squirrel eating his own hamburger. Whatever

    Thank you for your time!