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23 GIFs You Used To Think Were "Soooo Hot" But Now Are Just Embarrassing

What was wrong with us?

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1. A group of guys humping the air in a conga line.

2. A bunch of guys losing their shit while eating pizza and getting wet willies.

3. A man serenading you by pointing at his fringed khaki bucket hat.

4. A group of boy-men in various denim ensembles kind of grinding up on each other.

5. A group of grown men dancing like swans.

6. Just like, this:

7. A grown man being covered in hot wax.

8. I mean if you're into this, fine. Just keep that flame away from me, lady.

9. A man taking a break from serenading 12-year-old you to blow a kith.


10. A group of men dripping wet dramatically singing and jumping up and down in the dark half-naked.

11. Literally just a man flailing his arms rapidly and doing a karate chop.

12. A man with chunky gold hoops and a chunky necklace clutching his heart and staring intensely into your eyes.

13. A group of men jumping side-to-side in tight little baby tees.

14. Four men wearing turtlenecks pointing at you in a wrestling rink.

15. Some guy playing the piano two inches away from the keys.

16. A bunch of guys wearing white suits, open pastel dress shirts, and matching fedoras.

17. This...swiveling?

18. Just like, hand motions like this:

19. A man trying to open his eyes while moaning but failing.

20. A guy with elf ears and frosted tips just opening and closing his mouth and over and over.


21. Just like any guy with this hair doing anything.

Warner Bros.

22. A man on a gurney being problematically sexy in a straight jacket.

23. And a bunch of guys slapping their own asses in front of a bunch of dollar signs.

What a time to be alive!

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