Would You Eat This Food If It Fell On The Floor For Five Seconds?

DO YOU BELIEVE (in the five-second rule).

  1. 1. Well frig, you dropped your ice cream and it landed like this. Would you eat it?
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    1. Wipe off the part that hit the ground and you’re fine.
    2. Def no.
    3. I’d eat the cone.
  1. 2. This is your burrito. It just fell on the ground.
    1. I’d pick up that lil’ baby and eat it!
    2. Yeah, no thanks.
    3. I’m triggered.
  1. 3. Would you eat this spaghetti?
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    1. Yes, I’d swoop that ‘ghetti back on the plate and dig in!
    2. Heck no.
    3. Only the meatballs.
  1. 4. This piece of pizza landed on a fairly "clean" sidewalk cheese side up. Do you eat it?
    1. Yeah, duh!
    2. No, gross!
    3. I’ll only eat the cheese lol.
  1. 5. You were running to work and dropped your donut on the road. Is it ok to eat?
    1. Obviously!
    2. No! It fell on the road!
    3. Unsure. I’d probably give it to a friend.
  1. 6. Your friend just dropped their fries. What do you do?
    1. Pick them up and eat them.
    2. Clean them up and throw them away.
    3. Eat a few. Throw the rest away.
  1. 7. This is your chicken nugget. What do you do?
    1. Pick it up and eat it!
    2. Not eat it.
    3. Cry.
  1. 8. Your cupcake just fell frosting side down. Do you...
    1. Eat it!
    2. Throw it away. RIP.
    3. Scrape the frosting off that touched the ground and eat the rest.
  1. 9. Imagine this was your sad sandwich. Do you eat it?
    1. Yeah, sure.
    2. Nope.
    3. Probably not that sandwich looks pretty shitty.
  1. 10. You just made a grilled cheese and then dropped it on the floor because you're an idiot. It was hot and a little gooey. Do you still eat it?
    1. Heck yeah.
    2. Heck no.
    3. I hate grilled cheese therefore I hate myself.
  1. 11. Would you put this mint into your mouth?
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    1. Yeah, as long as it’s not hairy.
    2. No, it def has like micro-hairs on it.
    3. These mints are gross, no offense.
  1. 12. You just dropped your toast on the floor like a damn fool. The thing is you just cleaned your floor only a few hours earlier. Essentially, no one has been on that floor since you cleaned it. Would you still eat it?
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    1. Yeah, I’d eat it.
    2. No, I think I’m gonna vom!
    3. That toast is burnt.
  1. 13. Would you eat this fruit salad that fell on your carpet?
    1. Yeah, it’s just a carpet.
    2. No, that fruit is def hairy.
    3. That’s just sad, huh?
  1. 14. Your chip just fell on the ground. Do you pick it up and eat it?
    1. Yeah, chips are unaffected by falling on the ground.
    2. No. That chip is tainted!
    3. Depends if there’s guac left TBH.
  1. 15. What about a Cheeto?
    1. Yeah, sure. Looks perfectly okay.
    2. No, shit sticks to Cheetos.
    3. Literally just no comment.

Lastly, and most importantly…

  1. 16. Is the Five-Second Rule real?
    1. Yes.
    2. No.

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