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    22 Places Only New Yorkers Know Are The Worst

    Yeah, yeah, Times Square is bad...but have you ever been on literally any street at 2:47 on a Monday afternoon?

    1. Herald Square at approximately 6:22 PM

    Props to the guy in the Herald Square subway station who has gathered a HUGE crowd by singing Creed songs

    Herald Square is the most underrated worst place in New York City. At 6:22 every weekday, when everyone is leaving work, you can't move.

    2. Literally anywhere in the city on a weekday from 2:30-4:30 PM when teens get out of school and takeover the city

    Connel_design / Getty Images

    The city is Teen Town for two hours.

    3. On any street corner 1.5 days after a snowstorm

    Andrew Burton / Getty Images

    Slush puddle after slush puddle, each with unknown depth.

    4. The Union Square Holiday Market

    Andrew Burton / Getty Images

    Shit. All of it.

    5. Where they put the garbage on the east side of Union Square Park from May-September

    The worst smelling spot of New York.

    6. On the BQE on the way to JFK

    Drew Angerer / Getty Images

    Constant gridlock.

    7. In any TSA line being yelled at by a TSA inspector at any NYC airport

    Drew Angerer / Getty Images

    8. Any NYC airport, period

    9. In the path of the Santacon bar crawl

    Kena Betancur / Getty Images

    10. Behind a carriage with a horse taking a shit in Central Park

    Spencer Platt / Getty Images

    Those carriage rides are real romantic. Right.

    11. A friend of a friend's improv 101 class showcase

    Andrew Toth

    "Ha...ha." - You, maybe once.

    12. Tompkins Square Park during Crusty season (May-September)

    13. Rockefeller Center in December

    Mike Coppola / Getty Images

    Controversial opinion but I think Rockefeller Center in December is 300% worse than Times Square EVER is.

    14. Penn Station all the time...but especially between the hours of 10 PM-2 AM

    I’m at Penn Station and only one person has peed in front of me

    15. Trying to cross the street in the West Village during Pride

    Michael Brown / Getty Images

    The impossible.

    16. Any Starbucks bathroom line in the entirety of Manhattan during opening hours

    To be fair, there are like two public bathrooms in Manhattan so it's your only option. We have to thank Starbucks for that <3

    17. At the bottom of the stairs of Bedford Avenue subway stop behind 90 people

    Don Emmert / AFP / Getty Images

    I love being pushed.

    18. Honestly, Bedford Avenue anytime

    Bedford avenue... the Times Square of Brooklyn, complete with activations and all.

    Times Square 2.0.

    19. Every single (still-existing) frozen yogurt place

    Vape shops should go ahead and open in abandoned frozen yogurt shops.

    The frozen yogurt trend ended 5+ years ago. They're now just graveyards of New York City food trends past.

    20. Anytime/anywhere they're putting up or taking down scaffolding

    I hate New York scaffolding. The workers I just walked past (dis)assembling one isn't tied down and is working balancing on raw I-beams.

    Because everytime this happens I imagine it falling on me and dying.

    21. Canal Street in July

    Chris Hondros / Getty Images

    Imagine it now: You're stuck behind a sweaty, tired family from the midwest (no offense). There are two teens, a mom looking for a fake bag, and a dad with a 9/11 shirt and MAGA hat.

    22. And Saturday night at Tonic East.

    Tonic East

    Nothing to explain here.