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    Posted on Jun 27, 2018

    I Am Honestly Obsessed With Lady Gaga's Wig

    What a wig.

    Gaga is coming. I feel it in my loins, my fingers are tingling, the birds are acting funny, fish in oceans are mysteriously dying, a baby panda at a zoo in Cincinnati was born, it just smells kind of funny in the room I'm in, and some random old lady winked at me on the street for no reason. These are signs. She is coming.

    Trading Spouses

    For the locally inclined, "she is coming" means she is going to release new music soon. This. Is. Happening.

    Trading Spouses

    But in all seriousness, my only proof is that some Twitter Gays™ say her *looks* in New York recently are proof of a new era.

    do gay people only tweet is that their job

    Then, there was, THE WIG.

    Rees, Ulra / BACKGRID

    Wow, repeat after me: "What a wig."

    Rees, Ulra / BACKGRID

    For the past few days, Gaga has been blessing the streets of New York with this gorgeous wig.

    Rees, Ulra / BACKGRID

    She and her wig have been in and out of the recording studio.

    Mpnc / MediaPunch / BACKGRID

    Besides that weird old lady winking at me on the street, that's real *actual* proof that new music is coming.

    Ulra / BACKGRID

    Her movie with Bradley Cooper is coming out this fall so that's something too.

    Rees / BACKGRID

    In the meantime, while we wait for new music, let's just enjoy this wig.

    Juju, Roba / BACKGRID

    This gorgeous wig.

    Abiy / BACKGRID

    Wig wig.

    Ulra / BACKGRID

    Peace, Gaga and wig. RELEASE SOON.

    Rees, Ulra / BACKGRID

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