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Why You Need To Listen To HAERTS Right Now

BRB, playing "Wings" and passing out in some sort of field in my own fantasy world of pleasure + desire.

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HAERTS is a Brooklyn-based synth pop band that is about to enter your life.

If you couldn't tell from the pictures above, Nini Fabi is the lead singer.

Legit really cool name.

She sounds like a German Stevie Nicks.

Because she is German and because she kind of sounds like Stevie Nicks. Her voice is, in a word, ~haunting~.


Now let's talk about a song that is about to invade and change your life if it hasn't already.


HAERTS stopped by BuzzFeed and sang it for us. It's basically majestic.

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That voice.

It's kind of like 2014 version of "Lady In Red."

The song is off of their first full length album out later this year.

In conclusion, hi new HAERTS fans! Welcome to the club!