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Why Tuna Is The Most Inspiring Dog On The Internet

One dog. One message. One chance to change the world.

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Tuna (n): A fish. Also the most inspiring, influential + spiritual dog on the internet. See also: Underbites.

In just two years' time, a former orphan from southern California named Tuna has simultaneously redefined the definition of "tuna" while becoming a worldwide sensation. His story is in many ways a "rags to riches" story and inspires millions and millions of people daily.

Come along as BuzzFeed Animals spends an afternoon with him.

But first, get to know Tuna a bit more:

Found abandoned on the side of a highway outside of San Diego, Tuna has defied all odds and expectations. "You know, you would never guess. One day I'm barely hanging on. The next, I'm here talking to you," Tuna chuckles.


Anyways, the normally media-shy Tuna offered up an extremely rare interview opportunity with BuzzFeed Animals. Tuna is ready for world domination.


But Tuna's true passion has nothing to do with showing off. He really wants to reach people with his message that true beauty comes from the inside.

But Tuna's personal brand is also really important to him and he didn't want to let us leave without giving us a fashion show first.


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