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48 Reasons Why The World Desperately Needed An NSYNC Reunion

There is still so, so much to be learned.

Our prayers worked! Legendary pop group, NSYNC, reunited at the VMAs proving once and for all: THERE IS A GOD.

Now here's why we needed it.

1. NSYNC had impeccable taste in shiny, oversized jumpsuits.

2. They were the only band to ever *successfully* pull off "Christmas in July."

3. They were unpredictable. Lord knows how Chris and JC ended up upside-down like that!

4. Not many people know this, but they were also skilled magicians.

5. You could oftentimes find them huddled together draped in an American flag.

6. Overalls were their preferred clothing choice.

7. They bathed in glitter.

8. Justin revolutionized the style of "white guys with cornrows."

9. Chris revolutionized the style of "white guys with hair that looks like succulents."

10. He was also active in the "Pineapple Head" movement.

11. NSYNC is the only band in history to successfully and efficiently transform into marionettes.

12. They could (almost) jump at the same time. Joey struggled.

13. They wore bulletproof vests with multicolored camo pants.

14. They looked great in baby zip-up tees.

15. And you know what, I have no idea what's going on here. But I like it. And it works.

16. They were friends with a cheetah.

17. In the winter, they wore shiny silver vests.

18. Joey wore jeans in a man-made waterfall. Lance wore cargo shorts.

19. They also loved hanging out on the beach in matching white linen suits.

20. They hung out in fields.

21. Here's an example of a perfect "boy-band totem pole."

22. They rolled deep. Chris drove. Lance, Joey, and J.C. played tickle in the backseat.

23. They had yellow hair.

24. They were masters of the art of dress-up.

25. They pioneered the art of frosted tips.

26. Oh, were they playful and silly.

27. Joey was a delicate soul.

28. For some reason, they were all REALLY bad at parking.

29. Chris bought hats from carnivals.

30. When left alone, you would often find the boys climbing on one another.

31. "A boy band that stays together, showers together." —NSYNC proverb

32. They played tug-of-war with a pug.

33. They were collectors of "bling."

34. They loved nothing more than a pair of baggy, oversized jeans.

35. Chris was so, so wild...

36. ...and apparently also a pervert.

37. They loved eggs.

38. ...and roses...

39. ...also braces and do-rags.

40. Here is a picture of them hanging out in a wooded, foggy area. It was their favorite.

41. The boys were briefly institutionalized.

42. Justin was the "generous one."

43. Here, they're appealing to members of the Aryan Nation.

44. Here is another picture that can't really be explained.

45. For a brief period, they wore goggles.

46. They basically invented space-suit stripping.

47. Chris threw up water. He also dyed his facial hair and stylized it into devil horns.

48. Lastly, here's a picture of Justin Timberlake with a beeper attached to his head.

In conclusion, NSYNC needs to come back. The world needs them again. There is still so much we can learn.