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30 Reasons Why The World Might Actually End In 2012

The signs are all around us. We're doomed.

1. First off, HALF of the 10 biggest earthquakes since 1900 have come in the last 8 years.

2. The last 6 months in the USA have been the hottest on record.

3. With a record number of tornadoes.

4. The US is currently experiencing one of the worst droughts ever.

5. The shaded areas are classified as natural disaster areas. It's the largest natural disaster area in U.S. history.

6. Oh yeah, Europe also experienced one of their coldest winters ever in 2012.

7. Supernaturally, there are mysterious cosmic rays.

8. Swarms of spiders invading towns in India.

9. A mystery "haze" in China.

10. And monsters.

11. Even more importantly, kids are drinking hand sanitizer.

12. Snorting smarties.


14. The inventor of the oreo creme filling died in May.

15. Paula Deen was diagnosed with diabetes.

16. The world record for fist-pumping has finally been broken.

17. And Crocs made $1 Billion in 2011!!

18. Besides that, seals are making out with whales.

19. Dogs are making out with dolphins.

20. Pugs can't tell the difference between what's real or fake.

21. Alpacas and dogs?!?!

22. Basically, animals are really confused.

23. Also this:

24. This:

25. This:

26. This:

27. And especially this:

So, what's happening in December?

28. Well, there's going to be an asteroid.

29. Dick Clark died, so there can't/won't be a New Year.

30. And the spawn of Snooki is due.

Goodbye, Sweet World.