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    23 Reasons Why The USPS Needs To Be Protected At All Costs

    They're essential.

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    1. They're not afraid of tornadoes...

    @USPS this man is realist in the game! He deserves an award or a bonus OR SOMETHING! This madlad weathered a whole damn tornado just doing his job! #chicagotornado #chicahostorm #mailman #postoffice #stormdamage #irvingpark #USPS #chicagopostoffice

    2. Blizzards...

    That shadowy figure is my mailman making the rounds here in a Worcester blizzard ... peak New England

    3. Or hurricanes.

    The mailman is out there in a hurricane and people are saying the @USPS can’t handle vote by mail this November? C’mon man. #usps #weehawken #votebymail

    4. They're there for us during graduations.

    Look what my mail lady gave me😢 she’s so cute, people like this deserve the world☹️

    5. Birthdays.

    my mailman gave me $40 for my birthday. mayhaps i’m crying.

    6. Holidays.

    My mailman Kevin sent me a card! SO SWEET❤️

    7. Tough times.

    My dad is a mailman and he likes to give dogs on his route treats. Today he told us one of the dogs on his route passed away and his owners gave him this bag of treats with this note 😭

    8. Or any major life event.

    Big news: I made my first cash-in-hand book sale today. Many thanks to my mailman, Roger, for being my first customer! (My #hometown is the best. 😊)

    9. The USPS is always there!

    My mailman watching the solar eclipse a few years ago. He shares his glasses with me so I could check it out too. He rocks! #USPSisEssential

    10. They're easy to get along with.

    picture of a mailperson hugging a dog

    11. They're always down for a challenge.

    picture of a child's note asking to play tik tak toe with the mailperson

    12. They've got great eyes.

    picture of a note from a mailperson about a found wallet

    13. They're generous.

    @ProjectLincoln Once a week I leave a bottle of water, Frappuccino, cookie/cupcake, fruit $10 for lunch for my mail carrier, John. He made me an apple pie. This week I baked sourdough bread & handed it to him as he drive away. Spread kindness!!!

    14. They're giving.

    15. They have a sense of humor.

    When ur mailman dresses like Santa

    16. And they're creative.

    I've always admired my mailman's mail hiding skills, but today's addition of the pitcher is a lovely sculptural touch

    17. They're part of the neighborhood.

    Every time my mailman delivers mail he leaves 2 dog treats for my dogs & whenever my dog sees him pull up she runs up to the truck to get some. He's retiring and sent us this 😭😭i'm not crying u are

    18. And they have great taste.

    my mailman left these in my mailbox today... the smallest things are honestly the sweetest 😭💛 #HAPPYEARTHDAY

    19. So, while it's been tough for them lately...

    i told my mailman how much i appreciate him on friday and he gave me this today 🥺

    20. And things have gone from bad to worse...

    This is my dad, Jerry. He is a jolly postman in Shelby Township, MI. During the global pandemic he has been putting himself at risk and working until 9:30/10pm most nights to ensure all of the mail gets delivered. #USPSisEssential

    21. Let's remember that they get the damn job done.

    Since #USPostalService is trending. Here’s EJ. He’s been my mailman for years. Out here in pandemics & hurricanes. Looking fine.

    22. And they deserve the best.

    Met my new mailwoman, Ava, just as I was coming in and felt compelled to thank her profusely for being out here working admidst these trying times. She said,”it’s really hard work and we’re just trying to do our jobs”. We know, sis and we’ve got your back 🙌🏾🇺🇸 #SaveTheUSPS

    23. Support your USPS carrier! They appreciate it!

    My wife left a note in support of our #USPS in our box. Kindness returned by our carrier. Let's all support our #USPS!

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