Why “Sometimes” Was Totally About A Crazed Stalker In Some Sort Of Dancing Cult

It’s all so creepy.

1. The video begins with a woman in a long white gown walking to the edge of a cliff.

2. She’s going to do what she does best.

4. She watches a man from above. He has no idea.

5. She goes to the beach to get a closer look. She peers longingly at him.

6. He has no idea.

7. Then she’s suddenly with a large group of people wearing all-white outfits. They run to a pier.

8. They break into some sort of ritualistic dance. It’s like they’re all in on it. They do this a lot. They are a cult.

9. She hides behind a pier to watch him.

10. The guy looks around, he can feel that he’s being watched.

11. Because he is being watched. She is watching him. She sees all.

12. She appears in front of the car with two females. One rubs her crotch. She sings.

13. She repeats over and over, “all I really want is to hold you tight.”

14. “treat you right.”


As in forever and forever.

16. He doesn’t know what to do. He’s always on the lookout. Where will she turn up next?

17. We’re back at the pier with the cult. They make a heart with the woman in the middle. They raise up.


19. He runs.

20. She puts her head down.

21. And goes back to her picnic for one. Hoping, wishing, and waiting for her prince to come.

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