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26 Brutal Truths About The Real Reason RadioShack Died

The actual truth.

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1. If RadioShack was a sequel it would be Mean Girls 2.


2. If it was a brand of crayons it would be RoseArt.

3. If it was a pop star it'd be Rita Ora.

Paper Magazine

4. And if it was a person their favorite Iggy Azalea song would be "all of them."


5. The only cookies RadioShack knows how to make are oatmeal raisin.

6. The only song RadioShack sings at karaoke is "Hotel California."

7. RadioShack's favorite member of Destiny's Child is Michelle.


8. If RadioShack designed book covers they would always use movie posters.

9. They would still have a Hotmail email address.

10. And they would always screencap your Snapchats.

11. RadioShack is the guy at the party with an acoustic guitar.

12. If you were out to dinner with RadioShack they would always ask "for a bite."

13. And if they would never bring beer to a party.

Getty Images/ Kirsty Okeeffe

14. If RadioShack was a song from the '90s it would be a radio edit of "No Scrubs" or "Waterfalls" without Left Eye's rap.

15. They would prefer Digimon over Pokémon.

16. And they would still wear trucker hats.

Getty Images/iStockphoto/ Dana Tomeci

17. RadioShack is like the catsup of condiments.


18. They pronounce it "eXpresso."

19. And RadioShack thinks you should, like, really give The Big Bang Theory a chance.

20. If RadioShack was your mom they'd only buy store brand cereal.


21. If RadioShack was your aunt it'd be the one who keeps sending you invites to Mafia Wars on Facebook.

22. And if RadioShack was your roommate they would never replace the toilet paper.


23. RadioShack once told a 15-minute story while holding on to the blunt.

24. "Hi, I'd like a Sprite!" "Sorry, we only have Sierra Mist." That's like RadioShack.

25. RadioShack was the kid who always immediately asked you for a piece of gum when you pulled out a pack.


26. They never drove in high school.

27. And RadioShack always forgets your birthday.

A cow doesn't make it better, RadioShack.

A cow doesn't make it better, RadioShack.

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