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    If You Hate Taylor Swift's New Song, Then Listen To This Mashup With "Toxic"

    I don't joke about anything related to Britney Spears. Trust me.

    If there's one thing I've grown up knowing, it's that Britney Spears makes everything better.

    Britney made that tired-ass "Happy Birthday" song relevant again when she sang it live from Singapore.

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    She made this gay's frown turn upside down with a single touch.

    And she made this meme about how much of a drunk asshole you are 10 times funnier just by being there.

    Britney Spears just does that!

    So when I saw that Taylor Swift's new song "Look What You Made Me Do" was mashed up with Britney's "Toxic," I was like...shit, she's done it again. Britney has made another thing better.

    But in all seriousness, this mashup is truly amazing. Like legit really really good. Enjoy:

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