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    Why Is This Random Middle-Aged Man Sniffing Shawn Mendes' Armpit?

    It's only Wednesday.

    This is interesting.

    While scouring the internet, I came across this five-second video clip of Shawn Mendes having his armpit sniffed by a random middle-aged man.

    For those who can't watch five-second videos, I'll explain what happens.

    The video starts with Shawn and a random middle-aged man in a dimly lit room. I feel tension.

    Then, the random middle-aged man point-blank asks Shawn, "Can I sniff you armpit?" Shawn obliges and the random middle-aged man looks over...

    ...and goes in for a sniff.

    The random middle-aged man pulls back...

    ...then goes, "Fuck, that was gooood."

    : 0

    So, now, because I am obsessed with these pictures, here are seven pictures that kind of display how I feel.

    Picture one:

    Picture two:

    Picture three:

    Picture four:

    PIcture five:

    PIcture six:

    And picture seven:

    Have a great day!