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Why "Coyote Ugly" Is An Underrated Cinematic Classic

This is a place to appreciate the great work of art known as Coyote Ugly.

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Embodying everything timeless and tasteful about the early 2000s, Coyote Ugly never quite got the praise and recognition it deserved. Unlike more "critically acclaimed" movies of the same time period like American Beauty (plastic bags lol), Cast Away (volleyballs, WILSOOOON, who cares, etc.), and My Big Fat Greek Wedding (blah blah blah Greek people), Coyote Ugly actually stands the test of time. In fact, it gets better with age. It's really. fucking. good.

First of all, Coyote Ugly has an exceptional dual-meaning tagline: "Tonight, they're calling the shots."

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They call the shots, they also pour them. That's a play on words.

Tyra's most impressive scene happens early in the movie when she holds up a bottle of ketchup and commands the attention of the diner she's in. After that, she dances.


Then Lil delivers one of her most famous, well-known, and iconic lines...

"Jim, Jack, Johnny Red, Johnny Black, and Jose; all my favorite men. You can have it any way you like it, as long as it's in a shot glass."

The dialogue in this movie is just great.

Kevin reappears. He makes up his earlier faults by auctioning himself off. The middle-aged women in the scene are especially believable as they are particularly horny.

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Lastly, I haven't even mentioned this song. "Can't Fight the Moonlight" is the most underrated and underappreciated motion picture anthem of the past 15 years. The song was criminally robbed a Best Original Song nomination at the 2001 Academy Awards.

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SO THERE'S THAT TOO. Basically, A+ movie. Truly underrated. It's art.

Correction: I messed up the way John Goodman got hurt. He didn't have a heart attack, he got hit by a car. DUH.

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