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14 Reasons Why Corgis Are The Smartest Animals In The World

Earlier this week there was outrage over an article I published called 10 Corgis Who Thought The Titanic Wasn't Real. Well, I wanted to apologize for calling those corgis stupid by making this post. Corgis are the best!

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2. Corgis are great therapy and service dogs. BUT according to Pamela Christie, "Some service dog organizations won't work with Corgis because the breed is a little TOO SMART.

Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers will learn skills designed to help people and stop there, but Corgis often find ways to use those new skills for their own benefit.


3. Corgis make excellent watch dogs.

According to Deborah Harper, the author of 'The New Complete Pembroke Welsh Corgi', "The Corgi has always been valued as a watchdog. His acute hearing alerts him to unusual sounds, and his big dog bark means business when something is amiss."

5. Corgis can provide great solace after the death of a loved one or comfort you if you are sick.

This is an actual testimony from a real person: "When I was down with the flu, Charlie Bear (a corgi) was worried about me and would paw at me while I was in bed. When a very dear friend died, I wanted to stay in bed, but Charlie Bear would have none of that. He pulled my covers off me and started nudging me to get up. His persistence and love helped pull me through that tough time."

6. Even their fur is the smartest.

All pets deserve special time for love and attention, but Corgis – unlike other smaller breeds – require very little time for grooming. According to Deborah Harper, "One of the grandest attributes of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is the coat. It sheds dirt, doesn't tangle and protects the dog from the temperature extremes."



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