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Why 3-Year-Old Ava Is The Queen Of Vine


The wiiiiiiickedly talented Ava came into our lives with this wonderfully helpful tip on flirting with boys.

Proving she wasn't just another basic one-hit wonder, Ava stormed back onto the scene with this incredibly accurate rendition of every average white girl.

Spot on. Nailed it. THIS IS PRECISION.

But that's not all!

Her asking for Wi-Fi impression is ON POINT.

Her "woman who is obsessed with working at Target" character is a solid A.

She can play parts lit'rally four times her age.

Like, she's 3 and she's playing a 16 year old. Brilliant.

Another character we must talk about is her "working girl in her 20s".

With such poise and accuracy, she nails the impression while multitasking with the application of lipstick.

Taylor Swift???? That you????

Also her grandpa.

And her Southern woman who is a grown-up human.

Not to be limited by her impressions, here she is saying hi to her neighbors.

Now please, follow her on Vine.

Say hi to Shirley.

And whatever you do, DO NOT FORGET HER NUTS!!