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Who Is Hotter: Daario Naharis, Cal Morrison, Or Liam McGuinnis?

A case study.

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Ladies, gentlemen, and admirers of fine, carefully crafted things: We have a dilemma. Below you will find the three hottest guys on television.

BBC America

Cal Morrison

From left to right: Daario Naharis from Game of Thrones, Cal Morrison from Orphan Black, and Liam McGuinnis previously from Nashville.

So, what's the dilemma? The dilemma is that we have to decide who is the hottest because this is the internet and that's what people do here.

Cal is first.

BBC America / Via

Cal is a lit'ral hot genius who left his lucrative ~high-tech~ job for a more quiet life as a fucking hot lumberjack.

He's not really technically a lumberjack, but he's still technically really fucking hot.

BBC America / Via

He's also a DILF. Like the ultimate DILF.

BBC America / Via

Another cool thing about Cal is that he is really really sexy.

BBC America / Via

And he has a nice rack.

BBC America

Second up, Daario Naharis. Daario wears weird scarves, which is weird but it doesn't really matter THAT much.

HBO / Via

He's a tough guy with muscles and a really sweet wink.

He's like a hot warrior.

The absolute No. 1 best part about Daario is that he takes off his clothes.

And when I say "take off his clothes," I MEAN ASS.

Lastly, Liam McGuinnis. He's kind of a hot douche so if you're into hot douches, then he's your guy.

He's a music producer, which is also a douchey profession.

He wears weird scarves as well.

Also fedoras.


So now that we've taken a look at all three characters, it's time to declare a winner.

The winner is...

Time Magazine

DOOOOY! It's all the same guy, Michiel Huisman, and he is fucking fine no matter which character he plays.

And now let's celebrate the only way we should...



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