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Melania Trump And Jill Biden's White House Christmas Decorations Couldn't Be More Different, Like It's Actually Funny

Those red trees.

Every year, the First Lady is tasked with decorating the White House for the holidays.

The White House

People have noticed just how dramatically different the White House decorations have changed from Melania Trump to Jill Biden, so let's take a closer look at the two.

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Let's start off with Melania.

Closeup of Melania Trump in a turtleneck and coat

One year, Melania decorated an entire hallway with white trees.

White trees in a hallway

It's eerily similar to Kim Kardashian's scary-abandoned- futuristic-haunted-convent aesthetic.

The shadows definitely make it feel *extra* festive.

Melania Trump in the White House

Then there was the year Melania decorated that same hallway with blood-red trees.

red trees lining a White House hallway

Not scary at all!

red trees in a hallway

Jill Biden's White House is a bit different.

Closeup of Jill Biden speaking at a podium

Jill's hallway is candy-themed.

Candy-themed hallway

It's definitely less "human sacrifice" and more "holiday joy."

Candy-themed hallway

At the end of the hallway, Jill has statues of their pets, Commander and Willow.

dog statues

Melania decorated the White House China Room in red.

A red room

The China Room in Jill's White House was turned into a candy room.

a candy room

Jill transformed it into the "White House Sweet Shop."

The "White House Sweet Shop"

The White House Gingerbread House in Melania's vision was relatively simple.

A replica of the White House

Jill's White House Gingerbread House has a bit more flair.

A White House replica

The library in Jill's White House was themed around "bedtime stories."

A bedroom

The window had this little Santa decal.

A Santa decal

And next to the bed, there was a note to the North Pole.

A note sitting next to a plate of cookies says "To: North Pole"

Melania opted for more of an ice queen aesthetic.

Icy trees in a hallway

Jill added a bit more color to her ornaments.

Men standing between Christmas trees

She had children's letters to Santa and Joe Biden scattered about.

Children's letters

She even decorated one of the White House rooms with this large mechanical theater.

a mechanical theater in the White House

I'm particularly into this large sleigh in the White House entrance.

The White House entrance

At the end of a hallway, Jill placed a large nutcracker.

A Nutcracker

It's definitely all a bit more lively!

Christmas decorations

Melania's White House was a bit darker, which, honestly, might be your thing!

The White House Christmas decorations

She basically turned the White House into a forest, complete with an orchestra nervously awaiting their fate.

The White House

She had ballet dancers personally performing for her.

Melania watching ballet dancers

Here she is deciding whether they should go to the Hunger Games or not.

Melania watching the ballet dancers

In conclusion, wow, what a difference!

The White House

I could totally see myself being stuck in this hallway battling my sleep paralysis demons tonight.

Red trees

Night night!

Melania in the White House