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    Where Are They Now: The Cast Of "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?"

    Submitted for the approval, of the Midnight Society, I call this post: THE TALE OF THE FORGOTTEN CAST MEMBERS. Sorry, that was horrible, but I had to.

    Gary (Ross Hall) then:

    Gary was the leader of the Midnight Society. He was one of 3 cast-members that were on for all 5 seasons. The others were Betty Anne and Kiki.

    This was his cellphone.

    Gary (Ross Hall) now:

    After 'Are You Afraid Of The Dark?', Ross was a character on a Canadian teen drama called 'Student Bodies' (1997-1999).


    After 'Student Bodies,' Ross went to school in Mississippi for meteorology. Now, Ross is a weatherman. In 2004, Ross started working at a Canadian weather network. He currently is a weatherman for CTV.

    Kiki (Jodie Rester) then:

    Kiki was the tomboy who was always angry about something. She also loved bandanas. Kiki was on for 5 seasons.

    Kiki (Jodie Rester) now:

    Jodie Resther is an R&B singer. She has recorded two solo R&B albums.


    She hasn't done much in the way of acting, but she has been the voice Francine on Arthur since 1996.

    Frank (Jason Alisharan) then:

    Frank was the douchebag. He was on for 4 seasons.

    Frank (Jason Alisharan) now:

    Jason didn't do much TV work after 'Are You Afraid Of The Dark?' ended. He had a small role on the show 'Breaker High' in 1998.

    Randomly, in 2009, he co-produced 'A Single Man.' He has no other producing credits besides that, though his Facebook profile says he's been working in the talent industry.

    Betty Anne (Raine Pare-Coull) then:

    Betty Anne was kind of the hippy chick. She was on for all 5 seasons.

    Betty Anne (Raine Pare-Coull) now:

    Raine Pare-Coull didn't do any TV after 'Are You Afraid Of The Dark?' ended. She appeared in a small role as an assistant on a Canadian TV show called 'The Morgan Waters Show' in 2006.

    Raine made a brief appearance on Twitter for a month in 2009 as @Rainerator. That's it.

    Tucker (Daniel DeSantos) then:

    Tucker was Ross's annoying little brother. He was on the show for 3 seasons.

    Tucker (Daniel DeSantos) now:

    Daniel DeSantos is one of the most recognizable 'Are You Afraid Of The Dark?' cast members. He has been consistently acting since 1989. The last movie he filmed was in August called 'Havana 57.' It isn't known if the movie will actually be released, though.

    He's also known for being the voice of Carlos on the 'Magic School Bus.'

    He was also Gretchen Wieners' boyfriend in Mean Girls.

    David (Nathaniel Moreau) then:

    David was on for 2 seasons. Apparently he was really into Game Boys.

    David (Nathaniel Moreau) now:

    After 'Are You Afraid Of The Dark?', Nathaniel didn't do much. He was in the TV show, 'Kung Fu: The Legend Continues' until 1996. There are no other signs of him online.

    Kristen (Rachel Blanchard) then:

    Rachel was on for 2 seasons. She was the pretty one.

    Kristen (Rachel Blanchard) then:

    After 'Are You Afraid Of The Dark?', Rachel did a lot more TV. She was in the show 'Chris Cross,' played Cher on 'Clueless' the TV show, '7th Heaven,' 'Peep Show,' and 'Flight Of The Conchords.'

    She was also in the movies 'Sugar And Spice' and 'Roadtrip.'


    Her latest project is a movie in post-production called, 'Mad Ship.'

    Stig (Codie Lucas Wilbee) then:

    Stig was a character for 1 season. He was Tucker's gross friend.

    Stig (Codie Lucas Wilbee) now:

    No idea. 'Are You Afraid Of The Dark?' was his last acting job. He has basically disappeared from the planet.

    Eric (Jacob Tierny) then:

    Jacob was only a character for the first season.

    Eric (Jacob Tierny) now:


    Jacob is currently writing TV shows and movies in Canada. He won an award for his writing at the 2011 Canadian Comedy Awards.

    Sam (JoAnna Garcia) then:

    Sam was a character for 3 seasons. She was kind of a combination of Betty Ann and Kristen.

    Sam (JoAnna Garcia) now:

    JoAnna Garcia Swisher has been in a TON of TV shows. She's been in 'Gossip Girl,' 'Reba,' 'Party Of 5,' 'Privileged,' and many many more. She is currently in the NBC show, 'Animal Practice.'

    Note: I didn't include characters from the 1999 revival of 'Are You Afraid Of The Dark?' because I pretend like that revival never existed.

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