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Where Are They Now: The Brothers From "My Brother And Me"

They took two completely different directions.

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If you don't remember, My Brother And Me was a show on Nickelodeon that ran for one season in 1994.

The show was about two brothers who live on the west side of Charlotte, North Carolina named Alfie and Dee Dee Parker.

You probably remember the theme song:

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Apparently the show was scheduled to run for a second season, but plans were canceled because the producers and creators had very different ideas of what the show should be.

And now for the fun part...

This was Alfie then:

And this is Alfie now:

He's a rapper:

This is his Facebook bio:

Apparently he was shot 7 times:

Almost died twice:

And hooks up on Facebook:

Now for his little brother, Dee Dee:

Dee Dee (real name, Ralph Woolfolk) lives in Atlanta:

He graduated from Morehouse College, where he played baseball as a catcher.

Now, he apparently does charity work for Hope Worldwide:

And most importantly, yes, the two of them are friends on Facebook.

BONUS: Remember their best friend, Goo?

Well, here's what he looks like now:


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