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Where Are They Now: The 1996 US Gymnastics Team

Everything you need to know about the legendary first American team to win the Olympic gymnastics team gold.

The Magnificent Seven then:

The Magnificent 7 now:

Amy Chow then: 18-years-old

Amy Chow now: 34-years-old

Amanda Borden then:

Amanda Borden now: 35-years-old

Dominique Dawes then: 19-years-old

Dominique Dawes now: 35-years-old

Shannon Miller then: 19-years-old

Shannon Miller now: 35-years-old

Dominique Moceanu then: 15-years-old

Dominique Moceanu now: 30-years-old

Jaycie Phillips then: 17-years-old

Jaycie Phelps now: 32-years-old

Keri Strug then: 19-years-old

Kerri Strug now: 34-years-old

And here's a bonus shot with Bill Clinton: