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Where Are They Now: The 1996 US Gymnastics Team

Everything you need to know about the legendary first American team to win the Olympic gymnastics team gold.

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Amy Chow now: 34-years-old

Amy was one of only two gymnasts (Dominique Dawes was the other) from the 1996 team to qualify for the 2000 games. The US came in 4th in those games, but in 2010 was awarded the bronze medal after it was discovered the Chinese had lied about one of their gymnast's age.

Amy graduated from Stanford in 2002, and Stanford medical school im 2007.

She currently has her own medical practice as a pediatrician in Northern California.


Dominique Moceanu now: 30-years-old


In 1998, Dominique filed for emancipation from her parents in order to take control of the money she made from being a gymnast. She said her parents were also controlling and physically abusive.

Dominique graduated in May 2009 with a business management degree from John Carroll University in Ohio.

She has written 4 children's books, all of which were released this year.


Kerri Strug now: 34-years-old


Kerri and her 3-month-old son Tyler Fischer live in Tucson, Arizona. Now 34, married, and with a newborn son, Strug says that sixteen years after she aggravated an injury to win a team gold for the United States, there are things more important than medals.