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When I Was Britney Spears' Biggest Fan: A Collection

It's Britney Spears' birthday today!!!! This used to be a major holiday for me. I'd celebrate with some kind of cake and make my friends come over and sing happy birthday to "Britney." Soooo, in celebration of this great day, I thought I'd share some insane artifacts from my past. This should show you just how obsessed I was...

  • 1. Celebrating Britney's Birthday

    On Britney's birthday I wore pins all over my shirt. I also baked her a cake that spelled out "Brit" in marshmallows. I made my friends come over and sing happy birthday to one of my cardboard lifesize stand ups.

  • 2. Britney vs. Christina: A Persuasive Essay

    This is an essay I wrote in 7th grade. I really hated Christina Aguilera. In those days, or in my world, you could only like one or the other.

  • 3. Britney vs. Christina: A Myth

    This was a myth I wrote in 9th grade. As you can see, I really REALLY hated Christina. Interesting...

  • 4. My Britney Forum Identity

    This is the most embarrassing thread I could find from my favorite Britney Spears forum. My screen name for everything was BIGHUGEspearsfan.

  • 5. My Odyssey

    I had to write my own personal Odyssey in 9th grade. This was my first page.

  • 6. My Britney Section From The Odyssey Paper

    This is the chapter about Britney from my Odyssey paper.

  • 7. My Family Christmas Card

    Every year our family sends out a Christmas card. This was our card the year I met Britney. Like my hat? It's a reverse trucker Von Dutch hat. Why? Because Britney wore Von Dutch. Duh!

  • 8. My High School Writing Record

    This was my writing record at some point in high school. 3 of my 5 selected pieces involved Britney because I loved writing about her.

  • 9.

    This was the only article I ever wrote for the school newspaper.

  • 10. Didn't You Read This Already?

    I can't tell you how many times I chose to write a book report on Britney's "Heart to Heart." I got away with it every time.

  • 11. And If You Didn't Know Already...

    I was on MTV. They asked me about her boobs, her virginity, and everything else a 14-year-old boy wouldn't know anything about.