99 Things All Yuccies Love

This post is probably about you.

1. If you haven’t already heard, the hipster is dead and the yuccie is the hot new thing.

Mashable defines the yuccie as a “Young Urban Creative” and says, “Yuccies are the cultural offspring of yuppies and hipsters.” Yuccies want to “be successful like yuppies and creative like hipsters.”

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3. Based on that definition, here’s a list of things yuccies love. They are all around us.

4. Are you a yuccie?

1. Judging people who don’t use Gmail
2. Making fun of people with Yahoo addresses
3. Passionately discussing whether they delete or keep their emails (inbox 0)
4. Having a solid opinion about hot yoga
5. Getting into rosé
6. Talking about how much they love rosé
7. Declaring it “rosé season”
8. Not being able to watch only one episode on Netflix
9. Taking it personally when someone says they don’t like Beyoncé
10. Ludacris

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11. Ironically eating at chain restaurants like Olive Garden
12. FaceTiming with pets
13. The dollar section at Target
14. Creating their own vacation hashtag on Instagram
15. Taking pictures of plane wings
16. Posting the picture of the plane wings on Instagram with the airports they are traveling to SFO → LGA

17. Having a passionate stance on candy corn
18. Going to color runs what seems like every other weekend
19. The word “problematic”
20. Half marathons
21. Adding avocado
22. Extra guac
23. Calling guacamole “guac”
24. Calling margaritas “margs”
25. Knowing that guac costs extra
26. Making instagram accounts for their pets
27. Not paying for HBO Go
28. Recommending Amazon Prime to a friend
29. Not understanding how someone could live without Amazon Prime
30. Talking about not having cable
31. Talking about how expensive cable is
32. Sharing Time Warner horror stories
33. Seasonal cocktails
34. Drake
35. Getting pissed every year Modern Family wins all the awards

why does modern family always win "best comedy?" it's really not all that great...

— jen (@wtfrobbiekay)

36. Asking people which season of a TV show they should skip
37. Venmo’ing people
38. Writing ridiculous things when Venmo’ing people
39. Uniqlo
40. Saying “tap water is fine”
41. #TBT


— ян (@yanaorlova)

42. Hating Facebook but never deleting
43. Complaining on Facebook about ~The Media~
44. The 100 emoji
45. Thinking about getting a tattoo but never actually getting one because they’re worried they’re going to hate it in a few years OR SAYING “I only want to get a tattoo if it’s meaningful”
46. Saying AF instead of “as fuck”
47. Asking people if they’ve watched The Wire
48. Google Chrome
49. Judging people who still use Firefox
50. Grabbing an Uber
51. Free chips at Mexican restaurants
52. Asking for more bread
53. Waiting in line at food trucks
54. Aux cords

55. Being embarrassed for shopping at Urban Outfitters
56. Talking to their Uber driver when they’re drunk
57. Spicy margaritas
58. Getting into matcha
59. Saying they used to hate Taylor Swift but they kind of love her now/have a lot of respect for her now
60. Saying they’re “dead” when they’re not actually dead
61. Talking about Mercury being in retrograde
62. Blaming things on Mercury being in retrograde
63. Checking the Wiki
64. Being complimented on their furniture and saying, “It’s Ikea”
65. Saying couches are expensive
66. Remembering MySpace

67. Buying a juicer, using it once, and never using it again
68. Buying a juice when they’re hungover
69. Saying, “I got it on Etsy”
70. Saying their favorite food is pizza but not eating it that often
71. Making “Happy Mother’s Day” posts on Facebook
72. Discussing their favorite type of lettuce and their individual benefits
73. Talking about that one time they did molly
74. The song “Trap Queen”
75. Insisting they will never watch Game of Thrones again after every episode
76. Being shocked when people don’t like Orange Is the New Black
77. Glass water bottles
78. Succulents

79. “Stubhub it”
80. “IMDb it”
81. “‘Gram it”
82. “I heard it only got a xx on Rotten Tomatoes”
83. “Gchat me”

84. Talking down to your friend if they don’t know what “bae” means
85. Teen slang, in general
86. Saying they’re so old even though they’re 23
87. Not owning an alarm clock — “I just use my phone”
88. Saying awards shows are boring but watching them anyway
89. Following popular Instagram accounts like @FatJew and casually mentioning them in conversation
90. Defending boxed wine: “It’s boxed wine but it’s really good”
91. Not owning a printer
92. Not understanding people who have Androids
93. Making fun of your friend for having an iPhone 4
94. Slowly coming around to selfie sticks
95. Wanting to do a cleanse
96. Getting upset about receiving a phone call
97. Irrational hate of voicemails
98. Complaining about everyone getting married
99. And reminiscing over Four Loko

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