Whatever Happened To...5 Viral Video Stars

    Did you know Marguerite Perrin (THE GOD WARRIOR) released an album in 2006? It's amazing.

    • 1. Marguerite Perrin (The God Warrior)

      After the show Marguerite pursued her musical dreams. You can listen to her hit single Marguerite, Why Can't You Be Sweet? on her MySpace. Also check out "Do The Marguerite." But things weren't always so "sweet." In 2007 her daughter was killed in a traffic accident.

    • 2. Harry and Charlie (Charlie Bit My Finger)

      According to their blog, a TV crew was filming Harry and Charlie for... a reality show?

    • 3. Cailtin Upton (Miss Teen South Carolina)

      Caitlin says the Miss Teen USA pageant ruined her life. Watch this clip from the season premiere of TLC's "King of The Crown" and find out why. She also can't say "catastrophe."

    • 4. Gary Brolsma (Numa Numa)

      It's been almost 4 years since Gary first graced our presence on YouTube. Like the Great God Warrior, Gary entered the music industry. He released his first CD in November 2008. This past March, Gary was featured in a Geico commercial.

    • 5. Melissa Sander (Grape Lady)

      They call her story The Legend of Grape Lady. After nearly piercing her lung, Melissa Sander left Atlanta for Albany. In Albany she played meteorologist. But she's not there anymore. She's missing. Her whereabouts are unknown.