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    What Selena Gomez Looks Like After Yoga Vs. What You Look Like After Yoga

    I'm a piece of shit.

    Selena Gomez after yoga: Cool, calm, and collected. Girl just got her yoga on! Bazinga!

    You after yoga: The lady from Life Alert who has fallen and can't get up.

    Selena Gomez after yoga: You guys, she's gorgeous and glowing.

    You after yoga: Trying to stretch but you end up just look like this lady humping a rock.

    Selena Gomez after yoga: I feel like she looks like what I think I think I'll look like after yoga, if you know what I mean.

    You after yoga: This tweet from Kris Jenner.

    Selena Gomez after yoga: Healthy and happy, like I really feel like she's in a good place in this pic.

    You after yoga: This abandoned hair piece on the side of the street surrounded by partially melted rock salt.

    Selena Gomez after yoga: She looks like she has just had a nice sweat and now she's going to an expensive brunch because she's rich and Selena Gomez.

    You after yoga: Literally twinning with the penguin from Batman Returns.

    Selena Gomez after yoga: I'm seriously getting Jesus vibes. *Chills*

    You after yoga: An overflowing pile of trash in an abandoned lot.

    Selena Gomez after yoga: The people in the background look like they've seen God but it's actually just Selena Gomez. Also, that towel probably smells like lilac. Mine smells like fuggin shit!

    You after yoga: This lone, solitary foam shoe.

    The end.