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What I've Learned From Following Tara Reid On Twitter For The Past 3 Years

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Back story:

I've been following Tara Reid on Twitter since 2011. During that time, Tara has truly enriched my life through her often-times thought-provoking tweets and exchanges with fans like me.

So, come along. This is my journey with Tara. Follow me.

1. First off, in a tweet from 2012 pleading to her followers about speaking in her sleep, Tara made me realize that I shouldn't be afraid to ask questions and crowd source. We learn from experience.

2. She taught me to not be afraid to bring my bike to the beach...

3. ... and that her name is TPAIN.

4. That's pretty cool.

5. Tara taught me that "delated" is the new "belated." It just sounds cooler and more funky.

6. In the same vein, "supper" sounds like a cooler, more funky version of "super." I'm into it.

7. Although Rihanna has never tweeted her back, Tara gives me hope that someday she will.

8. Same with Lindsay Lohan.

9. Then there was that time she told her followers to eat cheeseburgers. It was insane. It basically taught me the proper way to tweet about cheeseburgers.

10. I never realized how sensitive a subject cheeseburgers were until then.

11. But Tara handled the situation with grace + ease.

12. Like a queen...

13. ... a cheeseburger queen.

14. Jesus Christ, it went on forever.

15. But I will never forget that day!

16. Tara taught me that Twitter is a great place to look for a nice boyfriend.

17. She made me believe that "yo, the world is going to end tonight."

18. And that if my stomach is acting up and going crazy that I should tweet about it.

19. Tara made me feel less guilty about being clumsy.

20. She made me realize that I needed to bedazzle my phone like a zebra.

21. That sometimes you just have to say no sometimes.

22. To not get lost in the inn.

23. THIS:

24. And lastly, Tara taught me that she may actually be friends with Mike Tyson.

Thank you, Tara. You make Twitter and my life a better place. Tweet on, sweet Queen.

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