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What Has Happened Since New York Legalized Gay Marriage

It's been one year since gay marriage became legal in New York State. As you can see, LOTS of scary shit has happened since.

On the night of June 24, people celebrated the passage of gay marriage at the historic Stonewall Inn in New York City.

The bill passed in the Republican-controlled Senate on a 33-29 vote. New York became the sixth state and largest state to legalize gay marriage.

Between June 24 and July 24 (the day the law became legal), marriage licenses had to be changed.

And at midnight on July 24, these two ladies became the first same-sex couple married in New York State.

Later that morning, couples started arriving at their respective City Halls.

They waited.

Some dudes wore kilts.

This couple couldn't stop smiling.

These guys couldn't either.

Let's just say people were pretty happy.

They stood at altars.

Tears were shed.

Rings were exchanged.

"I Dos" were said.


They held up their marriage licenses.

Jumped for joy.

Raised their hands together.

While others simply held hands.

MEANWHILE, haters held signs.


And screamed at the sky.

But it didn't stop these guys from getting married on their porch.

This lady updating her Facebook relationship status.

Cake cutting.

Kids cheering.

And lady nuzzling.

A year later, Governor Cuomo marched in the NYC Pride Parade. He gave another thumbs up.

The President came out.

Some ladies in cute hats got married.

And these guys lived happily ever after.