Did You Know That You Can Have A Pet Squirrel?

This is an actual thing.

If you didn’t know, there are people in this world who have squirrels as pets.

1. Yes, you read that correctly: squirrel pets.

2. Some of these people let their pet squirrels crawl all over their heads. That’s cool and all. It’s really fine. Right?

3. Fresh out of the shower with a little squirrel on top.

4. Eating a Cheeto in the living room.

7. Can you even be friends with a squirrel?

8. Looks like you can cuddle with one.

9. And you can also take them for walks on little squirrel leashes.

10. And hey, you can play. Here’s a video of a squirrel crawling all over a man’s body.

11. You can have brunch with a squirrel.

13. Perch them on your shoulder and take squirrel selfies. Cool?

14. It’s like this dude doesn’t even realize he has a squirrel on his head.

19. They look like nice friends even though that’s a squirrel.

21. Hanging in the living room.

22. Eating what appears to be Captain Crunch.

Now please post your opinions on pet squirrels in the comments.

That’s all I got.

Thank you for your time.

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