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Did You Know That You Can Have A Pet Squirrel?

This is an actual thing.

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If you didn't know, there are people in this world who have squirrels as pets.

Yes, you read that correctly: squirrel pets.

Some of these people let their pet squirrels crawl all over their heads. That's cool and all. It's really fine. Right?

Fresh out of the shower with a little squirrel on top.

Eating a Cheeto in the living room.

It's cute?

How nice?

Can you even be friends with a squirrel?

Looks like you can cuddle with one.

And you can also take them for walks on little squirrel leashes.

And hey, you can play. Here's a video of a squirrel crawling all over a man's body.

You can have brunch with a squirrel.

Watch TV.

Perch them on your shoulder and take squirrel selfies. Cool?

It's like this dude doesn't even realize he has a squirrel on his head.



Cute family?

Bath time.

They look like nice friends even though that's a squirrel.


Hanging in the living room.

Eating what appears to be Captain Crunch.



Now please post your opinions on pet squirrels in the comments.

That's all I got.

Thank you for your time.

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