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    What An Ostrich Ranch Is Like In 10 Pictures

    Between Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona on Interstate 10 is Rooster Cogburn's Ostrich Ranch. I discovered my fear of ostrich there today.

    1. This is what the owner of the ranch looks like:

    2. This is a huge sign outside the ranch:

    3. It cost $5 admission. A tub of feed is included.

    4. This is the tub of feed:

    5. This is a huge tub of hand sanitizer:

    6. Oh yeah, they also have a donkeys:

    You can also feed Lorikeets and goats.

    7. And goats:

    8. These two pictures pretty much sum up the experience:

    They bite.


    And cause accidents.

    10. And here's another picture of the owner kissing an ostrich: