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What A Day Is Like At The Biggest Pizza Show In The World

Ever wonder what it's like to spend a day at the biggest pizza show in the world? Well, wonder no more. I sacrificed myself for all of you.

9:55 AM: Arrive at the Pizza Expo.

10 AM: Enter the Pizza Expo.

10:03 AM: Look for pizza.

10:07 AM: Find pizza.

10:10 AM: Eat pizza and drink coffee.

10:15 AM: Have some gluten free pizza.

10:14 AM: More pizza.

10:30 AM: Eat bacon.

10:35 AM: Grab something to drink.

10:35 AM: Learn about sodium reduction technology.

11 AM: Watch some video from the '90s about making a pizza crisp.

11:15 AM: Check out the pizzeria map, see where other people at the expo have pizza shops.

11:30: Check out a seminar on making your own mozzarella cheese.

12 PM: Go to the World Pizza Games stage.

12:03 PM: Be amazed by pizza stretching. Get hungry.

12:30 PM: Go to the Stanislaus food products tent for something to eat.

12:35 PM: Eat a plate of tortellini.

12:45 PM: Realize I want more pizza. Go to the pizza judging stage for REALLY good pizza.

12:55 PM Watch some judges eat pizza.

The best pizza making competitions are broken up into regions (Northeast, Midwest, international, southern, etc.) and pizza types (traditional, non traditional, Italian).

1 PM: Eat pizza.

The competitors make 2 pizzas, one for he judges and one for the audience.

1:20 PM: Watch the competitors make pizza.

1:45 PM: Admire some more bacon.

2 PM: Eat cheese.

2:05 PM: Eat more cheese.

2:07 PM: Decide to have some mozzarella.

2:15 PM: Find an espresso machine, get a much-needed shot.

2:20 PM: Eat some cake with the espresso.

2:30 PM: Sit in a massage chair, try to get out of a food coma.

2:35 PM: Admire this photo.

2:40 PM: Eat ravioli.

2:37 PM: Walk by the pizza stretching competition. Get hungry.

2:40 PM: Eat more pizza.

2:45 PM: Think about eating this.

2:46 PM: Decide to eat more pizza instead.

2:50 PM: Hear a bunch of Italians getting rowdy, find out it's because they're watching a soccer game.

2:55 PM: Watch some more pizzas being made. Get hungry.

2:56 PM: Eat more pizza.

3 PM: Learn about pizza cones.

3:05 PM: Some guy tempts me with a piece of pizza. Get hungry.

3:07 PM: Eat more pizza.

3:15 PM: Eat a canoli.

3:20 PM: Admire the amount of bacon on this pizza. Get hungry.

3:25 PM: Go to the pizza judging area. Eat some pizza with corn on it.

3:27 PM: Eat some pizza with limes on it.

3:40 PM: Eat a meatball.

3:45 PM: Spin the pizza wheel.

3:46 PM: Win a prize.

4:00 PM: The lights begin to dim in the convention center.

4:30 PM: Go to the Beer & Bull idea exchange.

4:40 PM: Get a cup of beer.

You can get as much beer as you want. It's FREE.

5 PM: Listen to pizza shop owners exchange pizza wisdom.

6 PM: Toast to pizzerias everywhere!


Note: All of the pizza and food consumed on this day is not pictured. I had 27 slices.

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