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Lady Gaga Had An Awkward 26 Second Conversation With Caitlyn Jenner And Now "Well, I Switched Baristas" Is A Meme

She's just so effortlessly viral, and I mean that in a good way. Like, she isn't even trying.

Lady Gaga had quite a time at the Oscars the other night.

Lady gaga and liza minnelli

And while her moment with Liza was, well, iconic, I have to talk about an even more iconic moment.

Lady gaga and liza minnelli

I'm talking about the moment she was filmed talking to Caitlyn Jenner for approximately 26 seconds at Elton John's Oscar viewing party.

Caitlyn jenner and lady gaga

Their interaction was captured by Bahman Kalbasi, and honestly, this moment will go down in Stan history:

Couldn’t make out what what Caitlyn Jenner was saying to #LadyGaga here at #EltonJohn’s #AcademyAwards viewing partying, but Gaga seemed rather formal with her.

Twitter: @BahmanKalbasi

For me, and select others, a highlight of the show.

"I haven't seen you at Starbucks" "I-I-I SWITCHED BARISTAS" This conversation is the real highlight of the Oscars 😭

Twitter: @groobngoobr

The video was even captioned with subtitles:

People are kindly putting subtitles on this moment I filmed yesterday. “Uhhh I have switched baristas..” should be a t-shirt. #LadyGaga #Shade #caitlynJenner

Twitter: @BahmanKalbasi

Thanks to that video, we have this line:

Twitter: @tyleroakley

An instant classic.

“I switched baristas” —Lady Gaga, March 2022 https://t.co/3aN63CStTB

Twitter: @gagadailyplus

Something we'll be hearing people say at gay bars for years to come.

“Well.. I switched baristas” 💀 the tone, the eyes, the shade 😆

Twitter: @rebelwithacos

When you're forced to talk to people in public.

Lady gaga is me when i forced to talk to people in public lmfao😭 From now on "I've switched barista" is my new exit line https://t.co/3FkbmD6vjz

Twitter: @carelessbird__

When you're over something.

It’s so funny I’m sorry she was over it

Twitter: @JamesHarness

It's the new "bless your heart."

“I switched baristas” is the new “Bless your heart”. 🤣

Twitter: @zourkandy

Perfect for all "GET ME OUT OF HERE" situations.

Twitter: @bkrewind

In conclusion, let's all keep Lady Gaga's former barista in our thoughts and prayers. They need it more than ever.

I hope Lady Gaga’s former barista is doing okay today.

Twitter: @emma_unofficial