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    62 Pictures That Show Just How Weird The Early 2000s Were

    What a time to be alive.

    1. Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson kissing with their eyes open while she's trying to sell edible lotion.

    At a press conference

    2. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez clearly in a fight while exiting Blockbuster.

    3. Amy Poehler showing off an ugly necklace so she can get it for free at a gifting suite.

    4. Fake Russian lesbians.

    tatu kissing

    5. Britney Spears meeting Willa Ford on the basketball court.

    At a charity event

    6. Vin Diesel with a head of hair.

    It's a buzz cut

    7. Gwen Stefani shielding then-husband Gavin Rossdale from Lil' Kim.

    at the VMAs

    8. Katie Holmes missing Tom Cruise's mouth.

    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes sharing a kiss

    9. NSYNC dressed in carnival clothes.

    at the VMAs

    10. JC Chasez in a jacket that was distressed with what appears to be bird shit.

    JC with a jacket covered in yellow blotches

    11. A fan *really* invested in Chris Kirkpatrick's hair journey.

    a nsync fan with a whats next for chris' hair sign

    12. Aaron Carter grinding between Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé.

    at the AMAs

    13. Beyoncé and Kelly Osbourne.

    They don't seem like friends

    14. And Beyoncé fooling around with Ashton Kutcher.

    Beyonce is pointing at ashton

    15. A young Jason Momoa from his Baywatch days.

    at a Baywatch Hawaii screening

    16. Prince William and Prince Harry when they were 90% of suburban girls' dream men.

    They're waving

    17. Paris and Nicky Hilton with "got blow?" shirts.

    18. Hilary Duff with a boom box.

    at the vmas

    19. Lindsay Lohan posing with a shitty digital camera so she can get it for free.

    at the VMAs

    20. JC Chasez with a very creative haircut.

    It's like the original Karen

    21. Justin Timberlake with a clown hat.

    It's brown

    22. A Claymate with a shirt that says, "Clay shakes my ovaries."

    23. Beyoncé holding a chocolate phone.

    It's red

    24. Eve getting very excited over using a Mac.

    at TRL

    25. Leelee Sobieski with a fish purse.

    at the Teen Choice Awards

    26. Mary Kate and Ashley in floor-length denim skirts and that flippy haircut.

    27. Al and Tipper Gore straight-up Frenching.

    Al Gore and Tipper Gore making out

    28. David and Victoria Beckham meeting the Prince of Wales.

    29. Charlize Theron with these bangs.

    The bangs are all chopped up and very short

    30. Paris Hilton with a thong that is literally sewn into the outfit she's wearing.

    31. Angelina Jolie making out with her brother.

    At the Golden Globes

    32. Destiny's Child at a 9/11 tribute concert wearing American flag pants.

    33. These fans outside TRL saying they "wanna be bad" with Carson Daly.

    fans holding a i wanna be bad sign

    34. Kelly Clarkson wearing the timeless and classy combination of jeans and a dress.

    35. Hilary Duff in a Paolo and Gordo sandwich.

    36. Hilary Duff with jeans held up by strings.

    37. O-Town, Serena Williams, Lil' Bow Wow, and some tennis rackets.

    38. Fat Joe clutching Ashanti.

    at MTV Spring Break

    39. Brittany Murphy wearing what appears to be the denim equivalent of three pairs of jeans.

    in a denim jumpsuit

    40. Jessica Alba babysitting Lil' Romeo.

    hes on a cellphone too

    41. Frankie Muniz and two-hit wonder Dream.

    at the Teen Choice Awards

    42. This great pairing of Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes and David Boreanaz.

    At the Teen Choice Awards

    43. Christina Aguilera's leather chaps.

    dirrty queen

    44. Avril Lavigne and BBMak.

    Note: One of the members of BBMak with an early example of the "talk to the manager" haircut, aka the "Kate Gosselin."

    the guy from bbmak with a reverse spiky bob

    45. Missy Elliott on a flip phone.

    46. B2K wearing matching velour sweatsuits without shirts.

    It's a blue suit

    47. Jennifer Lopez and Fred Durst with a glass of pinot grigio.

    48. Lindsay Lohan's spray tan matching the color of her hair.

    orange and oranger

    49. Disney Channel original movie legend Erik von Detten.

    King von Detten

    50. This outfit in general.

    Lindsay Lohan wearing a cut-off jean skirt and a dragonfly blouse

    51. The one and only Lalaine.

    Lalaine from Lizzie

    52. Whatever the Hilton sisters are wearing.

    Paris and Nicky Hilton wearing mesh and a scarf skirt

    53. Beyoncé being confused by Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson.


    A closeup of a very confused Beyoncé

    54. A fan holding a disposable camera and an "Air Kirkpatrick" poster.

    55. Times Square shut down because some boy band was on TRL.

    56. Pink and iconic trio 3LW.

    57. Britney in full Juicy regalia.

    58. This unsettling picture of AJ McLean.

    AJ McLean wearing an oversized white suit being surrounded by the other Backstreet Boys


    AJ McLean wearing an oversized white suit being surrounded by the other Backstreet Boys

    59. Whatever's happening here.

    Christina Aguilera with a metallic outfit and crimped hair

    60. Destiny's Child wearing sexy Girl Scout uniforms to the Kid's Choice Awards.

    61. These Spice Girls dolls having a photo shoot.

    62. And last but not least, Anne Hathaway with a very large tie.