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20 Cringey And Weird Things Celebrities Did At The Beginning Of The Pandemic That Are Wild To Look Back On Now

Because sometimes it's okay to just put your phone away and not say anything.

It seems like a completely different world because it was, but one of the weirdest parts about the early pandemic days was all the weird shit celebrities did. In the moment, it was very frustrating, but two years later, I find myself laughing at how out of touch and chaotic celebs were at the time.

1. Remember when Vanessa Hudgens made this video about the inevitability of people dying from COVID?

One year ago Trump and Vanessa Hudgens had the same strategy to fight COVID19

Twitter: @davechensky

She talks about "respecting the virus."

Vanessa said, "It's a virus. I get it. I respect it"

And "yeah, people are gonna die."

Even if everybody gets it, like yeah, people are gonna die"

"But inevitable."

"Terrible, but like inevitable. Maybe I shouldn't be doing this right now haha"

2. Sia posted this drawing that means...literally I have no idea what she was going for here.

The word 'VIRUS' with the V I R crossed out leaving the word 'US'

Like, I've been thinking about this one for a while now.

Still, nope. Don't get it.

But I will always appreciate it because it turned into this:

3. Bette Midler saluted housekeepers and just, like, national brands, because it appears she has never cooked or cleaned before.

I never knew my appliances as well as I’m starting to know them. So grateful to #Kenmore and #Maytag. This is no joke. I salute housekeepers around the globe, doing your best to keep your families well, safe and alive.

Twitter: @BetteMidler

Thank you hashtag Kenmore and hashtag Maytag!

4. How could you forget Gal Gadot and a bunch of famous people singing "Imagine"?

I still can't believe she got so many people to agree to do it.

Will Farrell participating in the singalong

From Amy Adams...

...to Natalie Portman...

...to Mark Ruffalo.

They even got Zoë Kravitz. 😭

But also, I'll be eternally grateful for the memes it inspired. Like, looking back at the "Imagine" video *got us through* shit.

the celebrities singing imagine to us poor common folk during a pandemic

Twitter: @kinokobunny

5. Madonna called the coronavirus the "great equalizer" from a bathtub sprinkled with rose petals.


6. Everyone forgets this, but she also sang a song from her bathroom to the tune of "Vogue" about eating fried fish because there was no more pasta.

Living in Special Times............thank GOD for imagination and fried fish! 🐠🐠🐠 #quarantine #covid_19 #staysafe #becreative

Twitter: @Madonna

Not sure why this one isn't on Spotify.

Madonna singing "Come on...go...let's go eat some frieeed fish"

7. Jennifer Lopez kept on posting pics and vids from her gorgeous/scary house that was giving major Parasite vibes.

We can’t go out to any restaurants or anything but the service and entertainment here is pretty good...😊 #StaySafe

I was both low-key creeped out and insanely jealous at the same time.

J Lo's son standing on a hoverboard in front of their swimming pool in her large manicured backyard

It was also weird because she was still dating A-Rod.

8. Another iconic early J.Lo pandemic memory was this selfie she posted with a man seemingly screaming for help in the background:

Which, like, made this joke all too easy:

9. Priyanka Chopra clapped to her huge lawn.

priyanka chopra clapping on balcony

Twitter: @VlDEODUMP

Wow, what a moment.

10. Drake showed us his "life for the next however long," which was just his private, full-size basketball court.

.@Drake documents his quarantine experience for Instagram 🏀: “My life for the next however long”

@drake / Via Instagram: @drake

11. Sam Smith documented their breakdown — like, who was just sitting there taking pictures of them having a breakdown?

Sam Smith shares emotional snaps of 'quarantine meltdown' at £12m home https://t.co/RKaqDHAZ54

@samsmith / Via Instagram: @samsmith

12. Katy Perry posted a video of Italian people singing her song "Roar" from their balconies.

Except that never really happened, some stan made it lol.

13. Madonna also fell for the same shenanigans. She thought they were singing her song "I Rise."

They weren't singing her song. That was also fake.

14. Remember when Jaime King made this really weird video thanking the coronavirus — like, the literal virus — for bringing people together?

It was so weird how celebs were thanking a, um, deadly pathogen.

15. Evangeline Lilly bragged about not socially distancing.

Evangeline said, "Just dropped my kids off at gymnastics camp. They all washed their hands before going in. They are playing and laughing"

Don't post!!

Evangeline said, "Just dropped my kids off at gymnastics camp. They all washed their hands before going in. They are playing and laughing"

16. Arnold Schwarzenegger told us to socially distance from his Jacuzzi while smoking a cigar.

17. Billionaire David Geffen wished us well from his private yacht.

David tweeted, "Sunset last night...isolated in the Grenadines avoiding the virus. I'm hoping everybody is staying safe"

I wasn't jealous of a huge yacht in the Grenadines...nope, not at all while I was wiping my groceries down in a studio apartment.

David tweeted, "Sunset last night...isolated in the Grenadines avoiding the virus. I'm hoping everybody is staying safe"

18. Kim Kardashian tried to tell us to take social distancing seriously, even though she was literally across the table from her mother.

Social Distancing is the most important thing! Please take it seriously

Twitter: @KimKardashian

"Social distancing is definitely the way to go," Kim said inside her home across the table from her mother.

19. Jennifer Aniston posted a picture of her dog having "deep quarantine" thoughts.

Jennifer's dog sitting on her large balcony and taking in the scenery

Poor Clyde.

20. And last but not least, I'll leave you with my favorite celeb reaction, A GOOD ONE, from the one and only Vanessa Carlton.

She simply said this:

Twitter: @VanessaCarlton

Overall, what a weird time to be alive! We were all so naïve, just some people had a bit more $$$ and social followings. Lessons learned all around.