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25 Things You Forgot You Used To Do

Pushing a button four times just to get the character you wanted while composing a text.

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1. When you had this moment of panic, regret, and shame:

2. When you had to download an app for light like a damn caveman:

3. When these were the only emojis that mattered:

4. When you would text someone and your fingers would literally get a workout from all the button pushing:

5. When you wanted to watch a movie or play a game...

6. ...and then when you had to rewind something because some rude idiot forgot to before you:

7. When you had to clean the mouse ball:

8. When you had to download an app for emojis:

9. When you knew who was dating whom by the position in their Top 8:

10. When you would tell everyone to call you AFTER 9:

11. When you had to go through a big production just to send a picture:

12. When you had to carry around an arsenal of technology:

13. When you had to put a camera to your actual face:

14. When you had get up and go switch the tape:


15. When wall-to-walls were a thing:

16. When WWW was a thing:

17. When you had to call yourself and enter your passcode:

18. When off never really meant off because you had to MANUALLY turn it off:

19. When stalking meant having a secret section on your buddy list:

20. When Netflix only came in envelopes:

21. When you had to print an actual piece of a paper to leave the house:

22. When going online meant this would eventually happen during a search:

23. When you had to wait all day (or sneak into the library) to see who was writing on your wall:

24. When Facebook was all about the word "is":

25. And most importantly:

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