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24 Tweets Ed Sheeran Will Probably Delete Soon


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Because BuzzFeed is a kind website, I've compiled some completely random tweets that could also prolly be deleted soon.

1. That time he tweeted about makeup:

Most girls look prettier without make up anyway, I'm sure most dudes would agree with this

2. That time he tweeted about getting ready:

Men getting ready is throwing on a t shirt, underwear and jeans. Women, please learn from this, it shouldn't take an hour to dry your hair


3. That time he tweeted about Mila Kunis:

Is friends with benefits out? Mila kunis is alright

4. That time he said whatever this means:

This is the fookin persil mans dem seen, full load, coz me ran outta soap

5. That other time he tweeted about Mila Kunis:

Mila kunis, if you're reading this, holla

6. That time he just said pudding:


7. That time he tweeted about mange tuts:

8. That time he stan'd for Puddle Of Mud:

Puddle of mud - blurry. Sick. Radio 1 now

9. That time he wanted a Blackberry:

Lost an iPhone twice. Is it time to get a blackberry?

10. That time he said foof:

It's colder than an Eskimos foof today


11. That time he talked about Jabba's moobs:

Moobs like Jabba. I'm proud of that one

12. That time he told Emily to smile more:

After reading that I think Emily needs to smile more

13. That time he tweeted about yogurt:

14. That time he tweeted this and I had to read it twice:


15. That time he said Soulja Boy sounds like Stevie from Malcolm:

This.....right my......swag.....soulja boy sounds like stevie from Malcolm in the middle on that tune

16. That time he tweeted about Robert Patterson:

Just watched a film about elephants with Robert Patterson in it

17. That time people thought he was Charlie Sheen:

why do people think i'm charlie sheen?

18. That other other time he tweeted about Mila Kunis:

i'm gonna try to find a film i havent seen with mila kunis in


19. That time he rapped:

@swindleuk hoes on my dick coz I know swindle

20. That other time he rapped:

@ElroRaps fag - waaaaannnaaa with some yacka

21. That time he sounded like a woman:

Also, since not drinking, I've gone from a medium to a small. God I sounded like a woman there....

22. That time he stated his opinion on heels:

Some girl crossing the road stumbling around in heels. Get some Nike 6.0's. They are comfy

23. That other time he stated his opinion on heels:

If you can't walk in heels, don't wear them, trainers are cooler anyway

24. And that time he fucked with girls:

Giiiirrrrrllls I fuck with theeeeem