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    We Need To Talk About Milo Ventimiglia

    He hot.

    *Melania voice* Hello. Grab yourself a bottle of water, slap on your finest athleisure, and hold on tight. Bonus points if the bottle is reusable because you know we like to save the planet!

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    Now open up that water and take a long, deep sip. You are going to need it, hon.

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    Here he is, the low-key hottest guy at the Golden Globes ceremony, Milo Ventimiglia.

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    You will see "the blogs" (and full disclosure, me too, but whatever deal with it), talk about people like "the Ryans" being hot, but really, truth is it's 2017 now and it's all about Milo Ventimiglia.

    John Sciulli / Getty Images

    Mandy Moore looked flawless, but somehow Milo managed to look that much better. It could be because I am attracted to men and not women but whatever. Impact!

    Handout / Getty Images

    Milo has this *thing* where he tends to look very good.

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

    He looks good here:

    Mike Windle / Getty Images

    He also looks good here:

    Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

    Another thing he does is this little half-grin thing only a mother or someone into really attractive guys could love.

    Jean Baptiste Lacroix / AFP / Getty Images

    He also works out.

    Premiere / Premiere/RR/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

    It's *Borat voice* very nice!

    Warner Brothers

    Milo is like the Madonna of hot guys. He's always reinventing himself.

    Slaven Vlasic / Getty Images

    Like here, where he looks like a caveman with a drug problem.

    Nhorsley / NHorsley/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

    Or here, where he looks like that rich douche you went to school with. This picture screams "WELL, ACTUALLY."

    Km / KM / FameFlynet Pictures

    He's even hot in his tragic mid- to late-2000s swoopy emo bangs haircut phase.

    Mandatory Byline: Juan Rico / Mandatory Byline: Juan Rico/Fame Pictures

    In conclusion, here is a GIF of his butt.

    Here is a GIF of him sitting naked with a towel over his crotch*.

    *I know you're totally peeking like you peeked during Britney Spears' "Oops!... I Did It Again" video when she's in the white skirt on the ground. Don't lie.

    Another for good luck.

    Annnnnd, lastly, some hole action.

    *Waits for comments from people saying Milo Ventimiglia has always been hot*

    *Waits for even more comments from people saying HDU BuzzFeed write about hot guys! Outrage!*


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