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28 Ways To Make The Person Making Your Sub At Subway Hate You

Don't make your local sandwich artist hate you. Follow this advice.

Next time you're getting Subway for lunch keep these things in mind. Last thing you want is to get screwed on meat/toppings. All tips found on the very funny, Subway Problems account.

1. Ask about 8" subs.

2. Understand the differences between lettuces.

3. Point at the cookies from the other side of the counter.

4. Scream vegetables before bread.

5. Have a list.

6. Order a meatball flatbread.

7. Really, the flatbread just seems like a nightmare.

8. Order at the cash register.

9. Ask for avocado AFTER the sub is made.

10. Be really dumb about the meal deal.

11. Order multiple sauces.

12. Mumble.

13. Say "yes" when there are multiple options.

14. Say "and" between each topping you order.

15. Not realize that the regular bread is Italian bread.

16. Stay on the phone the entire time while ordering.

17. Order a shitload of mayo.

18. Ask really dumb questions.

19. So many dumb questions.

20. Answer with really dumb answers.

21. Wear headphones.

22. Point at shit.

23. Say everything all at once.

24. Not listen.

25. Ask for advice.

26. Ask how big a 12 inch sub is.

27. Shove your cards in their faces.

28. Ask if it's still five dollar footlong month.

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