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20 Ways Cory And Topanga Gave You Unrealistic Expectations About Relationships

Cory and Topanga have scarred you for life and you don't even know it.

20. You will never be in a museum, looking at a Van Gogh, and refer to your relationship as a "masterpiece."

19. You were never this insightful in middle school. You were a greasy tween.

18. No human is as awkwardly smooth as Cory Matthews. Boys are also not allowed in the girls bathroom.

17. Your best friend could never compete with Shawn.

16. Normally, choking would be cause for concern...

... but when Cory and Topanga do it, it's totally cool.

15. No one will ever get this excited over your butt.

14. You would look like idiots in matching denim outfits.

13. Cheating will never sound this romantic.

12. Distance will never seem so right.

11. There is no way you will EVER be this insightful.

10. No one will ever help you with your hosiery.

9. God will never cry over your temporary breakup.

8. Your best friend will never go this insane over a pencil.

7. You will never have a black-and-white animated GIF of you casually looking around and making eyes with your future husband.

6. You will never have animated GIFs of your first kiss.

5. This ridiculously romantic moment will never happen to you.

4. This will also never actually happen to you.

3. Your proposal will never/could never possibly be this romantic/unexpected.

2. Your proposal will also never be broadcasted as a finale on TGIF.

1. If you said this on Twitter it would just sound like an obnoxious humble brag...

...but when Cory does, it's just really really adorable.

Sooooo, sorry to bring this up again, but you're screwed.

You might as well just give up.

Cory and Topanga are a perfect couple, and watching them has forever scarred you, tainting your future outlook of relationships.

Good luck!

I give up.