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    We Had 29 Chainsmokers Fans Tell Us Why They Actually Like Them

    And here's what happened!

    A little about me: I don't *get* the Chainsmokers. "Closer" had a Mariah Carey moment, sure. But the fact that they have the No. 1 album and song in the world right now is just plain ol' surprising, and frankly, a tit-bit problem*tic. In the interest of science and genuine childlike curiosity, I decided to ask the BuzzFeed Community why, just why, they like them.

    And the response was fucking crazy! I received over 500 of 'em! The real surprise was that only a few people said "you got paid to actually write this!" Iconic!

    So... *slams gavel* Let's get into it!

    1. This person told me they liked the Chainsmokers because of their cool name and pranks.

    "The Chainsmokers is a cool name, the beats are refreshing, and the lyrics of the songs are relatable. I love dancing to it and even using it for pranks."


    2. This person said they like them because they are so different and unique.

    "Their songs are so different and unique."


    3. And this person just likes to listen to "Closer" for hours.

    "They are just soooo catchy. I could sing along to 'Closer' for hours. In fact, I have."



    4. This person raved about their gratuitous use of confetti cannons.

    "Their music is really fun! Plus their live shows are a good time. Their gratuitous confetti cannons win my heart!"


    5. And this person said they like them because it just *clicks*.

    "I DON'T EVEN KNOW! Like their songs are generic but something clicks in my head to make me think it sounds pretty but when I actually think about it it's not!"


    I hear you...

    6. I learned that they were just two boys with a dream!

    "They were two boys with a laptop, big dreams, and they turned them into reality."


    7. This person said the Chainsmokers wake up their mind.

    "It's actually part of my wake-up routine, it wakes up my mind."


    8. This person told me they like them because they are fresh and new.

    "It seems like no matter how many times I hear 'Closer' or any Chainsmokers song, it feels new and fresh. Their music doesn't get boring and stale as fast as other artists."


    9. And I think this person got confused about who the Chainsmokers actually are, but whatever!

    "The only song good that came from this duo is 'Latch' with Sam Smith."


    Moving on...

    10. This person told me to see them live.

    "See them live, then we can talk."


    11. This person told me they liked them because it impresses their crush.

    "I just like them 'cause my crush is a big fan and loves 'Closer' so I also love 'Closer' cause when I mention 'Closer' he is impressed by me."


    12. And this person likes them because they are a teen.

    "They have really good party music that sounds really good to my generation (teens)! Yay Chainsmokers!"


    Teen music? OK!

    Then I started reading about their lyrics.

    13. Turns out, they're lyrical geniuses.

    "The reason I can't stop playing their album is because their lyrics."


    14. This person called their lyrics a masterpiece.

    "Not really a fan, but the lyrics are a masterpiece. All the words sound so perfect and flow so nicely together."


    15. This person is impressed by their spoken-dialogue lyrics.

    "Back in 2013, they had this song called 'Selfie' that I was OBSESSED with. I think it stood out to me because it was spoken dialogue rather than sung lyrics."


    16. And randomly, this person likes them because they are a Blink-182 fan.

    "I like their sound and all, but not gonna lie... I listened to 'Closer' 'cause it mentioned a Blink-182 song ❤️"



    17. Still, other people can't even figure it out! They just love 'em!

    "I honestly have no idea why I love them and I honestly hate myself a little bit for it."


    18. This person explained how good they sound drunk in a college environment.

    "I can't explain it, but there's something about being drunk at college surrounded by your best buds and their songs come on."


    19. This person, a possible lawyer, likes them for their beats.

    "Have you heard their beats!? No further reasons, your honor."


    20. And this person listens to the Chainsmokers for their brain health.

    "I'm all for super artsy and profound, but sometimes, I just can't do it. If you wanna turn your damn brain off and have a good time, listen to the Chainsmokers."


    Good to know!

    I was almost done here.

    21. This person likes them because their music describes how they feel.

    "I like the Chainsmokers because honestly their music pretty much describes what I feel."


    22. This person likes the Chainsmokers for practical reasons.

    "I tell all my girlfriends to ask their dates if they like the Chainsmokers. If the person says yes, they're probably assholes. So far, the test works but it might have something to do with where I live."


    23. This person said their music reminds them of freedom and youth.

    "I like the way their music makes you feel. It's like freedom and youth."


    24. And then this lesbian chimed in.

    "The singer looks like he has a pretty penis. Like, I'm a lesbian, but I'd still admire it."



    And then like 137 people just liked them because they were hot.


    "They are two fine pieces of man."



    "Honestly, because Drew Taggart is hot."



    "I just like them because they're hot..."



    "They're hot."



    "The short one is hot... That's it!"


    What a journey! Am I fan? Eh, I'm all set. But I really do appreciate your opinions. The more we can understand our differences, the better a place this world will be.

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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