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    Bradley Cooper Fans Just Got Named And It's Pretty Dang Brilliant

    Good name.

    Meghan Trainor fans are called Potty Trainors...

    ...Tara Reid fans are called Taradactyls...

    ...and I literally just found out Jimmy Fallon fans are called "Fal Pals" (lol ok).

    Just found out jimmy Fallon stans are called fal pals

    Everyone has a fan base name in 2018.

    As you know from all the positive buzz: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are in the movie "A Star Is Born" together. The movie will give Lady Gaga her first Oscar. That's not a rumor, that is a fact.

    So, back to the whole point of this post. It seems like Bradley Cooper's fans FINALLY have a nickname they've obviously been craving for YEARS.

    Yes, Mini Coopers. Bradley Cooper fans are now known as Mini Coopers.

    Mark Ronson (a collaborator on their current #1 song on iTunes, "Shallow") has officially named them...

    Vroom vroom, b*tch!

    Also, see A Star Is Born. Lady Gaga will win the Oscar. Lady Gaga will win the Oscar. LADY GAGA WILL WIN THE OSCAR. End of story (just putting that into the universe).