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    A Coronavirus Vaccine Site In North Carolina Is Asking "Why I Got The Shot," And The Ridiculous Responses Have Gone Viral

    Americans are truly a specific breed of people.

    Charlie Innis is a reporter for the Durham Herald Sun, and a tweet of his went viral about a Fayetteville, North Carolina vaccine site:

    The Fayetteville, NC vaccine site got me crackin up (friend sent me this)

    Twitter: @charlieinnis

    His friends Tyler G. Hall and Rebecca Uliasz sent him pictures from the vaccine site where they were asking people why they got the shot.

    Some more pics from the site, thanks to @TylerGHall and @_mouchette

    The responses followed a similar theme:

    "My wife made me."

    This person even added a smiley face.

    Which, like, what is going on?!

    @charlieinnis Kinda sad! Are men ok?

    On this International Women’s Day, I also have to ask: Are men OK?


    But I'm not here to talk about those responses.

    Some of the other responses were funny:

    Some were strange:

    And some were inspiring:

    But my absolute favorite and most legit is this one:

    Yes, to eat inside of a Chili's.

    I feel that so hard.


    Soon bb. Soon <3

    Jeff Greenberg / Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images via Getty Images

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