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    A Tweet About The Making Of "Thong Song" Went Viral, And I Haven't Been Able To Stop Thinking About It Since

    I've listened to the song 1,000 times but hadn't noticed this until now.

    The "Thong Song" is probably, without hyperbole, one of the most iconic songs of the past 25 years.

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    A generation of horny millennial trash truly wouldn't be who they are today without it.

    Sisqo performing onstage
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    And while you've probably seen the "Thong Song" and our lil' silver-headed icon, Sisq贸, in 1,000 BuzzFeed lists, I haven't really looked *deep* into the song until now.

    Sisq贸 posing and showing off his "Sisq贸" chain
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    One of my favorite series on Vice is "The Story Of." It's essentially a Behind the Music for early 2000s songs.

    They have a really good one about "Last Resort" by Papa Roach that got me into the series to begin with.

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    And now they've made one for "Thong Song" and it's also very, very good.

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    One particular part from the video went *mega viral* over the weekend.

    Sisq贸 posing in an open red leather vest with no shirt and matching leather pants and glvoes
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    It's this part about how they came up with the beat, particularly the violins:

    I always loved the strings on 鈥淭hong Song鈥

    Twitter: @PilotCristobal

    Yes, you can thank that guy for it:

    I always loved the strings on 鈥淭hong Song鈥

    If you watch the episode, you find out that the string section is actually a riff on "Eleanor Rigby" by the Beatles. Def Jam hired a violinist named Bruce Dukov to create the riff, and the rest is history.


    In the episode, you also find out that Sisqo got sued for saying "livin' la vida loca" because of the Ricky Martin song.

    Sisq贸 onstage at an awards show and holding up a thong with his name on it
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    And that "that thong tha thong thong thong" was from Sisqo's friend telling him exactly that, I got that "thong tha thong thong thong."

    Def Soul

    Now enjoy listening to the "Thong Song" in a whole new light.

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    And watch the Vice video here.

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