8 Terrifying Videos Of The Mile-Wide Tuscaloosa Tornado

Every one of these videos is absolutely, bone-chillingly scary. That tornado was HUGE.

  • 1. A man in a parking lot gets WAY too close to the tornado:

  • 2. A news tower in the city captures the city going over Tuscaloosa:

  • 3. A passenger in a car breathes heavily as the tornado passes closely by:

    Extremely scary.

  • 4. A University of Alabama student narrates what the tornado is going over and destroying from her dorm room:

  • 5. The tornado going over the city of Tuscaloosa:

  • 6. The tornado goes over 15th street near the UA campus:

  • 7. A weather enthusiast from Alabama follows the storm and prays for the people of the Tuscaloosa:

  • 8. A Tuscaloosa weatherman freaks out:

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