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    13 Tweets That Show Just How Bad The Flooding In New York City Is

    Bless anyone who went into that water.

    A few hours before Elsa arrived in New York City, a torrential rainstorm flooded the city.

    Yo WTF 😳 this NYC rain ain’t playing

    Twitter: @DameDashJRJR

    1. The videos from New York are equal parts surreal and terrifying.

    #BREAKING: More Footage Of Major Flood Event In NYC That Took New Yorkers By Surprise This Afternoon. #BreakingNews

    Twitter: @Breaking_4_News

    2. Some subway stations turned into waist-high pools.

    Some subway system ya got there. This is the 157th St. 1 line right now. @NYCMayor @BilldeBlasio

    Twitter: @PaulleeWR

    3. These people literally had to use garbage bags as potato sacks to hop across.

    Twitter: @PaulleeWR

    4. It takes some real courage to walk through these murky brown trash pools.

    @MTA the fact that this was even a problem yesterday, shows how downtrodden and dysfunctional the MTA is. Let’s do some updating and reinvest in the infrastructure pls? 🥲🙏🏾

    Twitter: @InvisionMeh

    5. Some people had to use umbrellas inside stations...

    Rain flooding the platform at spring street on the @mta 6 line... #mta #nyc #Elsa

    Twitter: @IssaKhari

    6. ...because it was literally raining inside.

    @MTA How is this acceptable? Orange line inside 42nd street stop

    Twitter: @fiona79us

    7. The roads turned to rivers.

    Twitter: @NYScanner

    8. Cars were stuck.

    This is the Major Deegan Expressway in NYC after a vicious downpour a short while ago.

    Twitter: @NYScanner

    9. Stations underwater.

    Yooo the 157th St station is underwater

    Twitter: @Noxluc

    10. Like water was pouring out from holes in walls.

    Water is literally pouring out of the walls, toward the tracks @MTA

    Twitter: @Noxluc

    11. Staircases turned into waterfalls.

    More Flooding @NYCTSubway things are def out of control 🌊🌊🌊🌊#HelpMeHoward

    Twitter: @TripleG_RTO

    12. It was truly a mess.

    Twitter: @williamferr94

    And this was all before Elsa!

    Anadolu Agency / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

    13. Meanwhile, after Elsa, things weren't much better...

    Twitter: @JenniferTonti_

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