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People Are Saying Vanessa Hudgens Looks Exactly Like Lady Gaga In Her Latest Instagram, Like There Are Multiple People Calling Her "Gaga Hudgens"

Next thing you know, she'll be releasing her own line of Oreos.

Vanessa Hudgens is many things.

She's a fan of voguing.

She's a "respecter" of viruses (😵‍💫).

And she was, for a real long time, the face of Coachella.

Like, I'm pretty sure she's responsible for keeping the flower crown industry afloat for years.

Now, we can add a new thing to the list: Lady Gaga cosplayer.

Vanessa posted a picture with bleached hair and eyebrows, and the Little Monsters have arrived...

Two commenters simply saying "Gaga"

...and also that one bitter Madonna fan.

A third commenter simply saying "Madonna"

But mostly, people are confused about her looking just like Lady Gaga.

A commenter saying "I thought for a second I saw Lady Gaga on my feed"

"Gaga Hudgens" it is!

Anyway, here's the picture everyone is talking about:

The few who aren't mentioning Lady Gaga in the comments are talking about the Illuminati...

A commenter saying "Illuminati got a tight grip on you"


A commenter saying "It's happening, people are slowly turning into aliens"

...and this person said she was giving Dolly Parton vibes, which I'm very much struggling to see.